Thursday, 20 September 2012

Radley Gravel Pits 20th September


6 Common blue damselflies
3 Red eyed damselflies
1 Southern Hawker
8+ Migrant Hawker
Common Darters
Ruddy Darters
No sign of any R.V.Darters!


Small White
1 Common Blue
10+ Comma
4 Red Admiral
Meadow Brown

Wild Flowers:-

5 Little Grebe
5 Buzzard
1 Red Kite
1 Kestrel
50+ Lapwing
2 Kingfisher
4 Chiffchaff
4 Bullfinch

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sydlings Copse 15th September

Had a two and a half hour walk round sydlings today.

At least 7 Buzzards flying around calling.
2 Raven seen mobbing a Buzzard.
2 Linnet
7 Yellowhammer.

Lots of Common Green Grasshoppers seen today.

Also 2 Roesel's Bush Crickets and a Speckled Bush Cricket.

Lots of Common and Ruddy Darters flying around,also a few Migrant Hawkers.
2 Dock Bugs (in final instar) on bramble and 1 Gorze shieldbug.
6 Harlequin Ladybirds seen on Mugwort
Butterflies seen:- Small White, Small Copper, Peacock, Red Admiral and Speckled Wood 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Radley Gravel Pits 13th September

1 Red Veined Darter seen briefly today. Managed to get a record shot of it before it flew off up into an oak tree.
4th Record for Oxfordshire, 2nd for Radley!

Common Blue Damsels
Red Eyed Damsels
4+ Southern Hawker
1 Brown Hawker
10+ Migrant Hawker
Common Darters
Ruddy Darters


Small White, G.v.White, Common Blue, 15+ Comma, Red Admiral, Speckled Wood and Meadow Brown!

4 Hobbies flying around today!
5 Little Grebe inc 3 young

Monday, 10 September 2012

Otmoor 9th September

1 Common Blue Damsel
1 Emerald Damsel
4 Southern Hawker
8+ Migrant Hawker
Lots of Common and Ruddy darters around.

1 or 2 Hobby seen flying around.

Butterflies:- Small white,Comma,Red admiral,Speckled wood and Meadow brown.