Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bury Down: Dotterel 27th April




Went to Bury down, Berkshire today to see the Dotterel . The bird was quite distant but I still managed to get a few reasonable shots of it!
A few Wheatear and a whinchat were also seen in the same field.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Iffley Meadows & Sydlings Copse BBOWT Reserves 25th April

 Snake'shead Fritillary & Bumble Bee

 Snake'shead Fritillary

 Snake'shead Fritillary
I made a visit to Iffley Meadows BBOWT reserve this morning to see how the Snake'shead Fritillary's were coming along.They are much later this year because of the cold weather but I was pleased to see hundreds in flower today.
A Cetti's Warbler was heard singing at the edge of the reserve,also Willow Warblers, Chiffchaffs, Whitethroat, Lsr Whitethroat and Blackcap.

I stopped off at Sydling's Copse BBOWT reserve on the way home to see if any Toothwort was out.

 Reserve Sign
When I got to the reserve I went to the limestone grassland area first.There was a piece of corregated sheet on the grass, 2 Slow worms and a Common Lizard were found underneath it.
Lots of primroses were in flower in the grass. A few Early purple orchid leave rosettes were seen but none in flower yet. After going through the grassland area I headed towards the Gorze area where I found one Gorze Shieldbug. I then headed for the area where the Toothwort flowers. I found quite a few stems starting to come up at the base of some of the Hazeltrees.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Otmoor 21st April




 Lesser Whitethroat with pollen on face?


 Grass Snake
Lots of warblers singing this morning, Whitethroat, Lsr Whitethroat, Blackcap, Willow warbler, Chiffchaff, Grasshopper warbler, Sedge and Reed warbler.
A few Snipe were drumming over Greenaways.
A Water Rail was heard calling near the hide.
1 Cuckoo was heard calling.
1 Raven flew over mobbed by Lapwings.
2 Grass snakes were seen today, my first of the year.
A few Peacocks were flying around and a single Comma.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Aston Upthorpe 20th April


 Red Kite



 Pasque Flower

 Pasque Flower
A glorious day on the downs today. Peacocks and Brimstones seemed to be everywhere.
Pasque Flowers were in bloom.
20+ Wheatears were reported and a Whinchat was also seen!

Norfolk and Minsmere,Suffolk 15th-18th April

 Avocet taking off

 Gadwall wing flapping

 Avocet taking off


 Avocet in flight

 Black headed gull on branch


 Little egret in flight


 Avocet wing stretching

 Natterjack Toad
Just back from a 4 day break in East Anglia.The main reason was to hopefully see Natterjack Toads and Chinese Water Deer.On monday evening made a visit to Horsey gap.Unfortunatley the Red flanked bluetail seen the day before had departed but a female Hen Harrier,male Ring Ouzel and Grey Seals made up for it. Even better though was while driving back to our accomadation 2 Chinese Water Deer were seen in the road.They walked into the vegetation at the side of the road, we stopped and had great views with the torch on them!One down one to go.
Tuesday 16th was warm but very windy.Spent most of the day in Great yarmouth to allow the other half to have a bit of retail therapy,i Wasn,t to bothered as i,d planned an evening trip to Winterton for Natterjack Toads.We arrived at the dunes about 7.45pm.We had about a 15 minute walk to some of the pools.When we got to the pools some of them were dried out.I walked around the big pool that wasn't and "bingo" Natterjack Toad. About 5 were seen in the pool.By now it was nearly dark and i managed to get a record shot of one.Shortly after one started calling!
Wednesday 17th we decided to go to Minsmere RSPB Reserve in Suffolk.When we got there the wind was near gale force and it wasn't very pleasant walking around the reserve.The only birds to be seen were on the scrapes as the wind was keeping everthing else around the reserve down.1 Marsh harrier was seen and quite a few Avocets.I don't know about anybody else but i really do think in my opinion that the amount of Black headed gulls are really beginning to ruin the reserve.
Anyway,after getting both my target species on i can't complain too much!
Thursday 18th Retail therapy day ;-0

Monday, 8 April 2013

Aston Rowant, April 8th :- Ring Ouzels.

 Female Ring Ouzel (c) W.P.Bull

 Female Ring Ouzel (c) W.P.Bull

 Female Ring Ouzel (c) W.P.Bull

 Female Ring Ouzel (c) W.P.Bull

 Female Ring Ouzel (c) W.P.Bull

 Female Ring Ouzel (c) W.P.Bull

 Male Ring Ouzel (c) W.P.Bull
Spent the morning at Linky Down, Aston Rowant to look for the Ring Ouzels.The birds were near the bottom of the hill in the valley, about 100m away feeding on the grass.The birds then moved further up the hill. I was soon joined by a few oxfordshire birders and we all had good views of the birds from the path feeding near the juniper trees but they were still to far off to get any decent shots of them.
After a while all the other birders decided to go but i stayed.As they had gone and there was no sign of anybody else coming to view the birds i took the liberty and walked down into the valley to try and get some better views and pics. I sat behind a bush and waited for them to show and they didn't disappoint!
A Stoat was also seen running around near the juniper bushes and rabbit burrows.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Farmoor 6th April

 Rock Pipit (rung)

 Mallard Pinkhill
 Great Crested Grebe FII

 Wigeon Pinkhill
Redshank FI
 Meadow Pipit
 Canada Goose Pinkhill
A Water Rail was seen feeding around the base of the feeders at pinkhill.
A Raven was heard calling while i was in the hide at pinkhill,an Oystercatcher was also heard flying over.