Friday, 29 March 2013

Otmoor 28th March: Fudge Duck, Just the Treat!

Only just been able to post as my wonderfull laptop decided to die on me so i had to reload everthing back onto it!!! I first see the bird on tuesday but didn't take my camera with me so i went back on thursday with it to try and get some shots! The Ferruginous Duck was showing quite well from the 2nd screen but was still quite distant. It swam from the lefthand side of the 2nd screen to the righthand side then flew off to the channel in the reedbed but soon returned!

 Ferruginous Duck
 Ferruginous Duck
 Ferruginous Duck
Marsh tit was seen near the feeders!

 Marsh Tit

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Farmoor 21st March, Black Redstart.

Decided to go over Farmoor today for a change from Otmoor.Main reason was to hopefully see the Black Redstart thats been seen along the causeway.I hung around the sailing sheds for while to see if it was there but wasn't so i carried on up the causeway towards the hide.While walking to the hide i met Terry Sherlock who said the bird was up near the hide(Thanks Terry),when we got back to the hide the bird was showing well and seen feeding along causeway and getting right under the wave wall. The bird was quite flighty and was ranging from about 100m further along causeway from the hide and back to the sailing sheds.

 Black Redstart
 A couple of Rock Pipits were also seen today!

 Rock Pipit

Pied Wagtail

 Black Headed Gull

 Black Headed Gulls

 Black Redstart


Monday, 18 March 2013

Otmoor 18th March.Still Winter!


Female Tufted Duck

 Male Tufted Duck

 Male Hen Harrier

 Hen Harrier being mobbed

 Golden Plover in flight


A very cold morning on the moor today,being more like mid winter than early spring!
The Male Hen Harrier was seen twice today flying low over Greenaways and then over Big Otmoor, sending up snipe and ducks while doing so!
2 Ringtails were also seen today flying over Greenaways and the reedbed.
The Bittern was seen to fly from the 2nd screen area then over the reedbed before landing in Greenaways.
Up to 10 Curlew were seen flying around Calling, Also about 60+ Golden Plover over!
1 Chiffchaff was seen in bushes along the main bridle path.
A Peregrine was seen to fly from Big Otmoor and then over Greenaways.
1 Sparrowhawk
2 Kestrel
1 Buzzard
2 Red Kite

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Otmoor 3rd March ,Booming Marvelous!

 Barn Owl

Ringtail Hen Harrier

 Male Hen Harrier

Female Reed bunting

 Male Reed Bunting

 Lesser Redpoll

 Lesser Redpoll



 Lesser Redpoll
A great morning on the moor. Firstly a Barn owl was seen over the reedbed from the 1st screen then followed by a ringtail Hen Harrier that flew low over the reedbed and then over Greenaways. Shortley after this a male Hen Harrier was seen flying purposefully and at a great pace,low over Greenaways sending up several duck and about 40+ Snipe.The bird flew right around the field and then headed towards the Pill.The male Harrier was seen again later on, again over Greenaways and then over Big Otmoor sending up the birds! Bittern was in the reedbed. 3 Little Egret were seen flying over Greenaways. 5 Lesser Redpoll were seen feeding around the cattle pen with Chaffinch,Reed Bunting and Dunnock .Several duck species were seen congragated in the only unfrozen part of the reedbed from the first screen. 2 Weasel's were seen on the path going up to the 1st screen.