Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Radley Gravel Pits, 24th June.

Had a walk around  radley yesterday to see what dragonflies were on the wing and what orchids were in flower.
I found quite alot of Bee Orchids including the variant "Belgarum". Lots of Common Spotted Orchids and Southern Marsh Orchids were also seen with possible hybrids of the two amongst them. A few Early Marsh orchids "incanarta" were still in flower but past their best. Four Pyramidal Orchids were also seen.
 Bee Orchid

 Bee Orchid

 Bee Orchid var. Belgarum

 Bee Orchid

 Bee Orchid var Belgarum

 Common Spotted Orchid

 Pyramidal Orchid

 Pyramidal Orchid
Despite the wind Yesterday there were still quite a few damselflies and Dragonflies to be seen but not many opportunitys to photograph any.

Banded Demoiselle
Blue Tailed Damsels inc.both Rufuscens and violicea forms of females.
Common Blue Damsels
Azure Damsels
Red eyed Damsels
Black Tailed Skimmer ( my 1st of the year!)
Teneral Common Darters.

 Red Eyed Damselfly

A few spikes of common Broomrape were around but most had past their best.The only Butterflies that were seen were a few Speckled Wood, A Common Blue and a Meadow Brown!

 Common Broomrape

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