Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Radley lakes & Barton fields Tues 30th June

I had a walk around Radley lakes and Barton fields today mainly for the Dragonflies and Damselflies. A few Variable damselflies were still flying around the small pool near barton fields. I then walked along the river towards Radley lakes where I came across 6+ White-legged damselflies,all males in the vegetation next to the bank.

 White-legged damselfly

 White-legged damselfly

 Pyramidal Orchid
Damselflies/Dragonflies seen today:-

Banded demoiselle
White-legged damselflies 6+
Azure damselfly
Common blue damselfly
Variable damselflies 2+
Blue tailed damselfly
Red eyed damselfly
Brown hawker 2
Emperor dragonfly 5+
Four spotted chaser 10+
Black tailed skimmer 15+
Ruddy darter 10+ mostly Tenerals

Butterflies seen today:-

Large skipper
Small white
Large white
Common blue
Small tortoiseshell
Red admiral
Speckled wood
Marbled white
Meadow brown

Orchids seen today:-

Common spotted orchid
Southern marsh orchid
Pyramidal orchid
Bee orchid, Var:- "Belgarum & Apifera"

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