Sunday, 13 September 2020

Wart-Biter, Wiltshire, Sunday 13th September

I've always wanted to see a Wart-biter and have looked for them on a few occasions in the past with no luck. So today we drove to Wiltshire to try again. From the parking place it was a long trek to the area where they occur. Once we got to the location we started searching. It took a while but with the help of my Bat detector I finally found my first ever Wart-biter, a smart looking male.

Male Wart-Biter

Male Wart-Biter

Male Wart-Biter

Male Wart-Biter

Helping out in a little wart removal

Crickets/Grasshoppers seen:-

Wart-Biter 1 Male
Roesel's Bush Cricket
Long Winged Conehead
Common Field Grasshopper
Meadow Grasshopper
Stripe-Winged Grasshopper

Butterflies seen:-

Small White
Common Blue
Adonis Blue 15+
Small Copper
Meadow Brown
Small Heath

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