Monday, 18 March 2013

Otmoor 18th March.Still Winter!


Female Tufted Duck

 Male Tufted Duck

 Male Hen Harrier

 Hen Harrier being mobbed

 Golden Plover in flight


A very cold morning on the moor today,being more like mid winter than early spring!
The Male Hen Harrier was seen twice today flying low over Greenaways and then over Big Otmoor, sending up snipe and ducks while doing so!
2 Ringtails were also seen today flying over Greenaways and the reedbed.
The Bittern was seen to fly from the 2nd screen area then over the reedbed before landing in Greenaways.
Up to 10 Curlew were seen flying around Calling, Also about 60+ Golden Plover over!
1 Chiffchaff was seen in bushes along the main bridle path.
A Peregrine was seen to fly from Big Otmoor and then over Greenaways.
1 Sparrowhawk
2 Kestrel
1 Buzzard
2 Red Kite

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