Thursday, 21 March 2013

Farmoor 21st March, Black Redstart.

Decided to go over Farmoor today for a change from Otmoor.Main reason was to hopefully see the Black Redstart thats been seen along the causeway.I hung around the sailing sheds for while to see if it was there but wasn't so i carried on up the causeway towards the hide.While walking to the hide i met Terry Sherlock who said the bird was up near the hide(Thanks Terry),when we got back to the hide the bird was showing well and seen feeding along causeway and getting right under the wave wall. The bird was quite flighty and was ranging from about 100m further along causeway from the hide and back to the sailing sheds.

 Black Redstart
 A couple of Rock Pipits were also seen today!

 Rock Pipit

Pied Wagtail

 Black Headed Gull

 Black Headed Gulls

 Black Redstart


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