Monday, 1 July 2013

Dry Sandford Pit and Cothill Fen/ Parsonage moor 1st July

I went along to these reserves today to check out the Dragonflies and Damselflies of the area.I went to Dry Sandford Pit first and saw the following.

 Southern Damselfly
 Common Blue Damselfly
The Marsh Helleborines are just starting to come into flower. Common Spotted Orchids and Twayblades were also seen.
 Marsh Helleborine

 Marsh Helleborine

 Marsh Helleborine

 Common Spotted Orchid
Butterflies seen at Dry Sandford today:-
Large Skipper
Common Blue
Small Tortoiseshell
15+ Marbled White
Speckled Wood
Meadow Brown
Small Heath

A few Large Red Damselflies and a single Blue Tailed Damselfly were also seen.

After here I walked down the road to Cothill/ Parsonage moor Reserves where I saw the following.
 Small Red Damselfly (male)

 Small Red Damselfly (female "typica")

 Teneral Keeled Skimmer.
Common Blue Damsels, Large Red Damsels, 1 Four Spotted chaser and a teneral Common Darter.
About 4 Keeled Skimmers were seen and 10+ Small Red Damselflies.
1 Roe Deer was seen and a Common Lizard was seen on the boardwalk.
A few Narrow Leaved Marsh Orchids were around but were past their best.

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