Sunday, 30 June 2013

Black Beauty 30th June

I've been visiting Whitecross green BBOWT reserve quite regularly over the last couple of weeks hoping to see some Black Hairstreaks but to no avail. I decided to try again this morning as the reserve is just down the road from me. As I didn't see a single one last year I was pleased to see that they had finally emerged. 4-5 were seen flying around at the top of the Blackthorns up near the pond but none of them came low enough to get any shots. After watching these for a while I decided to go to a different area of the reserve where I had seen them in the past. Another 3 were seen here with one coming low enough to get a few shots.
 Black Hairstreak
 Black Hairstreak
Other Butterflies seen today:-

Large Skipper
Green Veined white
Large White
Small Tortoiseshell
1 Silver Washed Fritillary
Speckled Wood
Meadow Brown

Dragonflies/ Damselflies:-

2 Emperor Dragonflies were seen hunting along the main ride.
1 Hairy Dragonfly
Four Spotted Chaser
Broad Bodied Chaser
Common Blue Damsels
Blue Tailed Damsel
Large Red Damsel

Common Spotted Orchids in flower.

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  1. Your Silver-washed is the first seen in Oxon, Bucks and Berks (BC UTB area) this year