Sunday, 8 June 2014

Black Hairstreaks 8th June

Spent a couple of hours at Whitecross green this morning in the hope of seeing some Black Hairstreaks.We arrived at the pond and it wasn't long before I spotted one feeding on Dogwood flowers. Julie then spotted another sat on Blackthorn leaves. They were quite high up so it was difficult trying to get any decent shots of them. 5+ were seen by the time we had finished here.

 Black Hairstreak

 Black Hairstreak on Dogwood

 Black Hairstreak

 Hairy Dragonfly

 Common Spotted Orchid
Butterflies seen today:-
Large Skipper
Grizzled Skipper 1 in very good condition
Orange Tip
Black Hairstreak 5+
Common Blue
Speckled Wood
Meadow Brown

Dams/Drags seen today:-
2 Beautiful Demoiselle
Azure Damselfly
5+ Hairy Dragonflies seen flying along the rides
3 Emperor Dragonflies.2 males,1 Female. The female was seen to catch a Hairy Dragonfly in flight and was struggling to fly with it. A male then flew up to her probably trying to take it off her. She then let go of the Hairy which then managed to escape.
1 Teneral Ruddy Darter.

Lots of common Spotted orchids.

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