Monday, 30 June 2014

Radley Gravel Pits/Lakes 30th June

Spent a couple of hours here today to see what Damselflies and Dragonflies were about.

 Emerald Damselfly

 Common Blue Damselfly

 Emerald Damselfly

 Blue Tailed Damselfly

 Emerald Damselfly

 Southern Hawker

 Ruddy Darter

 Southern Hawker
Dams/Drags seen today:-
Banded Demoiselle 3
Emerald Damselfly 6+
Common Blue Damselfly 1000+
Azure Damselfly 2
Blue Tailed Damselfly 10+
Red Eyed Damselfly 20+
Emperor Dragonfly 6+
Southern Hawker 2
Brown Hawker 6+
Four Spotted Chaser 8+
Black Tailed Skimmer 10+
Ruddy Darter 15+

Lots of wildflowers around, I got a few shots of some of them.

 Meadow Cranesbill

 Marsh Woundwort

 Rosebay Willowherb
There were Still Lots of Common Spotted orchids around and a few Southern Marsh orchids,also Pyramidals and 3 Bee Orchids.

Butterflies seen today:-
Large Skipper
Small Skipper
Essex Skipper
Green Veined White
Small White
Small Tortoiseshell
Red Admiral
Painted Lady
Speckled Wood
Marbled White
Meadow Brown

 Green Veined White

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